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Research Strategy & Measurement

With the stakes higher than ever, companies rely on data to inform their most-pressing business decisions. At APCO, we understand the current landscape and the important role that research plays in developing strategies for success.  

Our team of researchers and digital practitioners bring curiosity, rigor, communications savvy and industry knowledge to help crack the code on the most challenging issues facing organizations today. Our digital mindset and suite of proven analytical solutions allow us to map stakeholders, identify thought-leaders, explore attitudes, test messages, detect crises and leverage real-time data and analytics to set our clients up for success. 

We use the latest in data-driven and digitally-integrated tools, as well as APCO Insight—the global research group at APCO —to help clients see what’s ahead, navigate through disruption and achieve successful business outcomes.

Areas of expertise: Market analysis, opinion research, surveys, focus groups, performance measurement, microtargeting, data analytics.