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Crisis, Issues & Litigation Management

Crisis, Issues & Litigation Management

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Crises can ruin a company’s credibility and reputation—and that is why APCO develops crisis playbooks that provides training for risk assessments. We are proactive thinkers who tackle a challenge head on. We listen to what’s being said across channels and engage based on findings from research and reporting. We identify the stakeholders who present the highest potential risk and opportunity for our clients and tailor our approach to optimize opportunity and mitigate risk.  Through measuring impact, we optimize the positive to meet the needs of our clients.  

In addition to handling issues and crises on our clients’ behalf, we also have a strong history of litigation management. APCO’s litigation communication team has a deep passion for data-driven strategies and believes that strategic, measured communications can shape stakeholder opinion and protect corporate reputation. APCO offers a full range of services to help clients meet their litigation needs.  

For decades, APCO has worked with some of the best-known companies in the world to provide crisis and litigation support. Our multi-faceted and tailored approach to crises is what drives APCO to being consistently listed as one of the top crisis communications firms in the world. 

Areas of expertise: Crisis preparation & response, litigation communication, issues management.

For crisis help, please contact us via:
+1.866.360.APCO (toll-free)
+1.866.483.2726 (international)

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