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Jeff Zelkowitz

Executive Director and Global Financial Practice Leader

Jeff Zelkowitz, executive director in APCO Worldwide’s New York office, is a communicator and strategic thinker who works with corporate leaders at extraordinary times of industry change and organizational inflection points. He turns business strategy into messaging that resonates across the stakeholder, media and policy landscape to advance corporate and societal objectives.

Mr. Zelkowitz founded APCO’s financial practice and has a proven track record of leading teams and helping clients succeed through communications. He uses research to help clients understand what moves the needle with stakeholders, and develops communication and public affairs campaigns to drive conversations and engage effectively with the financial markets and media, industry and consumer audiences, policy makers and regulators, employees and communities

He has grown the firm’s track record in the financial sector from managing high stakes issues and crises to helping organizations succeed strategically and grow their leadership around investing and saving for retirement, aging and longevity trends, fintech innovation to democratize financial services, infrastructure modernization in healthcare and capital markets, economic development and investment promotion, and other megatrends. He has led APCO’s work for one of the world’s largest mutual fund managers, a global securities trading and technology leader, the largest health care real estate investment trust, a public sector financial oversight board, a fast-growing consumer credit score, and other high-profile assignments. He also advises on investor relations, corporate governance and ESG issues and has contributed thought leadership on these topics.

Mr. Zelkowitz co-chairs APCO’s mergers, antitrust and competition practice and is an expert on financial communication, M&A transactions, spin-offs, restructuring as well as situations involving antitrust and other assertive public policy scrutiny. He has worked on complex transactions in the financial, real estate, music, retail, FMCG, health care, defense, transportation, utility and other sectors; strategic change and CEO transitions at high-profile companies; and one of the largest ever sovereign debt restructurings as well as the largest ever public sector and corporate bankruptcies in U.S. history.

Mr. Zelkowitz has been part of APCO’s New York senior leadership team since 2006. He was previously managing director at a financial communications firm in New York and London. He is on the Global Advisory Council of Cornerstone Capital Group. He graduated from Brandeis University magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in history and earned his MA from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.