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Daniella Lebor


Daniella Lebor is a director and co-lead of APCO’s Digital Strategy team in Europe.

Based in APCO’s London office, she leads strategic campaigns at the nexus of media, politics and social change. An award-winning communication specialist, Ms. Lebor is one of APCO’s Key Client Initiative (KCI) Leaders, responsible for leading integrated reputation and advocacy campaigns for complex international clients.

Ms. Lebor began her APCO career in London, working for clients across the government and technology sectors. She then moved to APCO’s New York office for a couple of years, where she gained experience working with clients in the nonprofit and international development sector. In 2016, she became a member of the United Nations Foundation (UNF) Communication Corps in New York.

Ms. Lebor has previous communication experience working in the United States Congress with Representative Nancy Pelosi in the speaker’s office of communications. During her time in Washington, Ms. Lebor worked on high-level assignments including integrated communications for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”).

Ms. Lebor has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts (Hons) in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge and is a Scholar of Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. In 2020, Ms. Lebor was named Digital Professional of the Year by the PRCA.