Research Offerings

Broadly speaking, our research can be categorized in the following subject areas:

  • Enterprise Reputation. In today’s increasingly complicated operating environment, it is not enough for an enterprise to communicate its mission, products and services. Stakeholders want to know the total value of the brand which is defined by the extent to which enterprises meet the expectations of all of its stakeholders.  Measuring and managing reputation requires a 360 degree view that accounts for all of your stakeholders.
  • Message Development. For a wide variety of issues, we conduct message development work – both qualitative and quantitative – where we evaluate how specific messages are associated with favorable movement of opinion by key audiences.
  • Advertising Impact and Creative Development. Measuring how advertising impacts reputation or other key metrics.  In addition, APCO Insight assesses advertising at the conceptual stage and evaluates creative options.
  • Branding and Positioning. APCO Insight research helps build stronger and more enduring connections to consumer, institutional and nonprofit brands in a way that delivers real value. Our research provides guidance on both what needs to be communicated and how.
  • Crisis Management. When our clients find themselves engaged in highly publicized litigation or a crisis APCO Insight helps them position themselves and develop communication strategy. We also proactively help clients prepare for potential crises.
  • Public Affairs. Managing issues, like health care reform, education policy, the intellectual property debate, reform of social services, etc., is a core expertise of our firm. 
  • Consulting. A key strength for APCO Insight is the ongoing consulting that evolves from our opinion research relationships. We work closely with many of our clients on strategy development and implementation.    

Proprietary tools


ROR: Conducted annually since 2010 by APCO Worldwide and its research consultancy, APCO Insight, the Return on Reputation (ROR) Indicator seeks to better understand and address the expectations key stakeholders have of the biopharmaceutical industry. The ROR Indicator quantifies the impact of reputation to allow the industry and its individual companies to protect, enhance and track reputation.
social eq model
Social EQ: Social EQ was informed by extensive research to isolate the key drivers that define the effectiveness of a company’s social media efforts. The result is a highly reliable and robust measurement tool to assess how well a company is using social media to communicate and/or interact with its stakeholders.
Emotional Linking: After more than 10 years of research, APCO Insight identified the eight emotions that are fundamental to effective brand communication (not just advertising). Our research shows that emotional attachment, not cognitive differentiation of product attributes, is the most reliable predictor of brand choice and loyalty. Emotional Linking serves as the basis for the "Attachment" element of APCO's Champion Brand model, which helps companies build more enduring relationships with their stakeholders.
TradeMarksTradeMarks is a trended research study which measures the extent to which policy leaders believe associations are effective in achieving their policy goals.