In today’s fast-paced world, it is impossible to get reliable insight without blending together what people are seeing, thinking and doing. Sonar and Campfire are new intelligent research products that combine traditional opinion research with digital data and analytics to help communications and public affairs leaders to see beyond their own assumptions—and to arm them with data and insights that help demonstrate their value to their organization’s bottom line. .

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Social Data & Digital Analytics

What are people saying about the issues affecting us?

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Traditional Opinion Research

How does the issue affect what people are thinking about us or doing that affects us?

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eyeComprehensive Business Insights

Obtain fresher, deeper and more nuanced views into the issues, audiences, opportunities and risks—and their potential impact on your business

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APCO Sonar helps us quickly understand coverage around an issue and measures the impact this coverage has on the opinion environment and our clients ability to accomplish key business objectives.

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APCO Campfire marries social network analysis, big-data modeling of influencer archetypes and dynamic online focus groups to learn all about the individuals and organizations leading or engaged in online conversations and how to influence their thinking and behavior.

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