Prevention & Wellness
In today’s health care environment, prevention is the single best method for improving health quality and reducing long-term health care costs. Policy-makers are increasingly looking to private industry for practical ways to fight disease and encourage better nutrition. Companies that can propose these solutions and connect them to their business strategies are best-positioned for long-term success in a growing and crowded marketplace.

APCO Worldwide’s comprehensive prevention and wellness offering is designed to help companies sustainably and profitably meet social and business objectives in health care. Building on APCO's long history of successful work in the health care and pharmaceutical industries, our team of experts assist clients in navigating evolving health issues related to:

Infectious Disease
Infectious disease: Vaccine-preventable disease is still a leading cause of death in adults in the United States and children around the world, while hospital-acquired infections continue to drive health-care system costs. With well over a decade of specialized experience, APCO is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate evolving issues related to such diseases.
Chronic Disease
Chronic disease:Chronic disease has now supplanted infectious disease as the leading cause of death and disability globally. APCO's team includes leading experts who know firsthand the pressures companies are facing.
Nutrition: An unprecedented U.S. policy focus on food and nutrition is bringing diverse stakeholders to the table. Local, state and federal policy-makers expect private industry to help find ways to make the healthy choice the easy choice for consumers. APCO can help clients guide the intersection of policy, nutrition science, food science and public health to develop innovative partnerships and programs that address obesity and malnutrition.

By leveraging the power of social marketing and community networks, APCO's team generates innovative programs that improve the health and quality of life of a company's customers and employees while also delivering financial value and creating competitive advantage.

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