Proprietary Tools

APCO teams work across the globe to continuously develop leading-edge solutions for clients that are reflective of today's dynamic and changing global marketplace. These innovations bring together the best technology, insights and ideas to create impactful and enduring results optimized for today's complex global world. Learn more about these advancements and how they can help you achieve results:


An enhanced listening and risk analysis process that empowers executives to quickly address challenges through informed, timely decision-making to remain in control and limit surprises during times of crisis.


APCO Emergency Response

A team of highly-trained professionals who are on call and able to activate within 60 minutes to respond to material crises such as spills, derailments, fires, mine emergencies, crashes or hurricanes.

Stay Curious. Stay Ahead.

A partnership that allows clients to quantitatively assess agility across several dimensions and a robust set of underlying core attributes and leverage holistic solutions to address gaps in performance.


Return on Reputation

A research model that quantifies a company’s reputation impact on critical business outcomes and helps communicators optimize their reputation management programs.

AI Comms Lab

APCO's AI Comms Lab helps clients navigate the disruption and opportunities presented by advanced artificial intelligence technologies. 


AT Digital Health

Impactful, fully-integrated solutions that provide unique and disruptive propositions for companies seeking leadership in digital health.


TradeMarks is a research study which measures the extent to which policy leaders believe associations are effective in achieving their policy goals.


Sonar and Campfire

Sonar and Campfire are first-ever tools to fuse together digital data and opinion research to create a full picture of what people are thinking, saying and doing.

APCO Champion Brand

A proprietary methodology for helping brands authentically engage stakeholders to build long-term support and sustainability.