Challenge: As part of APCO’s 30th anniversary celebrations, and to demonstrate a commitment to the empowerment of young future leaders in Turkey, APCO’s Istanbul team created a mentorship program for young women from the Anatolian region to offer them opportunities and inspiration to further their career prospects.

Approach: APCO partnered with Abdullah Gul University (AGU) in Kayseri and created a one-day program for 70 students.  We secured five prominent female CEOs to participate, who provided valuable insights on their career trajectories and facilitated interactive workshops focusing on bolstering students’ ambitions and employability. At the conclusion, all attendees were invited to apply for APCO’s own mentorship program.  

Results: AGU University deemed the event an “extraordinary success” and is working to establish a sustainable long-term program.  APCO’s Istanbul office will now run and facilitate the program for the Tigresses mentorees who will be expected to integrate, grow and excel with the rest of APCO’s team in Turkey.

Results At A Glance: 

  • Successfully launched the Tigresses mentorees program
  • Provided guidance, mentorship and inspiration to 70 students
  • Filled a pipeline of future female leaders in Turkey
  • Created a collaborative partnership with AGU University