Challenge: A partnership between Novartis Pharma AG and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) resulted in the development of CoartemDispersible®, a pediatric version of the malaria treatment, Coartem ®. Novartis needed to raise awareness about the treatment, and gain support for it among key stakeholders in Africa.

Approach: APCO engaged national and regional stakeholders in discussions about this advanced pediatric treatment and its benefits to public health programs. To launch Coartem ® Dispersible, APCO designed and organized simultaneous launch events in Senegal, Tanzania and Mozambique. Public affairs programs targeting state authorities, international organizations and donors followed in a range of African countries including Mali, Benin, Uganda, Nigeria and Malawi.

Results: The Novartis-MMV team met with all of the key stakeholders in the targeted African countries to raise their awareness of Coartem ® Dispersible and its benefit as a first-line malaria treatment. This enabled more than 200 million Coartem® Dispersible treatments to be delivered to endemic countries since this campaign. 

Results At A Glance:

  • 200 million+ Coartem Dispersible treatments delivered
  • Organized simultaneous launch events in  Senegal, Tanzania and Mozambique
  • Awareness of thought leaders, public health officials and stakeholders in the fight against malaria raised in a range of African countries including Mali, Benin, Uganda, Nigeria and Malawi
  • 50% of all Coartem treatments delivered in the form of Coartem Dispersible after the launch