Challenge: The European sugar market is highly regulated by the EU sugar regime, resulting in artificially high prices that are approximately three times the world price for industrial sugar users and consumers. Five food associations sought considerable reform to the European sugar regime.

Approach: APCO managed public affairs and public relations for the Coalition of Industrial Sugar Users in Germany InfoZentrum Zuckerverwender (IZZ), comprised of the country’s most important sugar processing companies. The integrated communication strategy positioned IZZ as a key stakeholder for the government, met with government officials, created messaging materials, engaged the media, mobilized supporters and coordinated lobbying efforts with other associations.  

Results: The German government's position toward the sugar regime has transformed and the government is now in favor of reform. The first success was the deletion of storage cost compensation from the government to sugar producers and farmers, saving the sugar processing industry across Europe approximately €10 million annually.

From our Client

"By facilitating and leading an intensive dialogue with both administrative and political stakeholders, APCO has been instrumental in creating a climate favorable to changing a rigid market regime."

Dr. Karsten Keunecke
Managing Director
The German Confectionary Association