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APCO InsightAPCO Insight is the full-service global opinion research group at APCO Worldwide. We deploy sophisticated qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to inform strategic communications. With experience in more than 70 countries, APCO Insight works with the world’s leading companies, associations, nonprofits and public-sector enterprises to turn reliable research data into actionable recommendations that enable our clients to engage their stakeholders and achieve success.

  • Focused on outcomes: Our strategic communication research helps clients develop strategies that have a measurable and predictive impact on behavioral and business outcomes.  
  • A firm without walls: We are a fully integrated team that works hand-in-hand with APCO’s 600 experts who come from the environments clients need to reach.
  • Methodological rigor: Research is only as good as the methods that are used to collect and analyze data. APCO Insight is a team of research and statistical experts who apply the most innovative and rigorous methodologies.
  • Discrete audience research Leveraging our public affairs and issues management heritage, APCO Insight specializes in research among hard-to-reach audiences, particularly policy-makers and regulators around the world. Our team also has extensive experience reaching other discrete audiences, including opinion-leading publics, business executives, health care professionals, investors and analysts, and hard-to-reach B2B customers.

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Bill Dalbec

Managing Director, APCO Insight


Chris Levy
Chris Levy

Director, Europe


Chrystine Zacherau

Senior Director