Organizations operating in diverse sectors often face common challenges, so we offer both services tailored to fit the specific needs of individual sectors and ones that reach across varying industries. For a full list of services we offer clients, please view our main services page.

While we help clients in all industry sectors, below are more details of our expertise in several key areas:

Energy & Clean Tech

Our global Energy & Clean Tech team knows how to navigate the competitive, fast-paced energy marketplace and how to work with the diverse stakeholders who influence its growth. 


Food, Consumer Products and Retail

We help market leaders to position their businesses on sustainability and health and nutrition issues; engage on trade and standards issues; manage labor issues; launch new products and enter new markets; and anticipate stakeholder responses to products prior to launch. 


Our global team has a deep understanding of the financial industry and financial markets audiences and media. We help clients articulate value, move strategies forward and navigate a complex stakeholder, issue and policy landscape.


Health Care

With seasoned experts from every part of the health care sector, our depth of experience ensures we deliver insights and programs for clients that resonate with stakeholders and create impact.


APCO understands the convergence of corporate reputation, public policy and product communications, enabling the delivery of integrated campaigns that support technology adoption and disruptive innovation.


More Sectors

Our work spans all sectors, including travel and tourism, sports business, education, services to government and many more.