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APCO Worldwide Announces Expanded Parental Leave Policy

Jul 24, 2017
APCO Worldwide has expanded its North America paid parental leave policy to three months.

APCO Worldwide Names New Members to Board of Directors

Jul 20, 2017
APCO Worldwide has as added two new members to its board of directors.

APCO Worldwide Adds Dynamic New Members to Global Leadership Team

Jul 13, 2017
APCO Worldwide is adding four new members to their Global Leadership Team (GLT) who will help direct future growth for the firm.

APCO Worldwide Renews Commitment to Independence, Building a Firm for the Future

Jul 12, 2017
APCO Worldwide has reaffirmed its commitment to independence and innovation through the acquisition of new capital.

APCO Bolsters its Health Care, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Expertise

May 16, 2017
Jen Young, a health care, pharmaceutical and biotech expert with more than 20 years of industry and integrated communications experience, has joined APCO Worldwide, announced Lisa Osborne Ross.

APCO Expands its EU Competition Practice

May 12, 2017
Pablo Asbo, an EU competition expert with more than 15 years of experience, joins APCO Worldwide, announced Claire Boussagol.

APCO Expands its International Trade and Commerce Expertise

May 08, 2017
Jordan Valdés, a former senior vice president at Podesta Group, a former senior advisor at the U.S. Small Business Administration, and an international trade and commerce expert with over a decade of experience, has joined APCO Worldwide, announced Lisa Osborne Ross.

APCO Expands Its Global Risk and National Security Expertise

Apr 18, 2017
Dr. Gregory F. Treverton, the former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, and an intelligence and global risk expert with over 30 years of public and private sector experience, has joined APCO’s International Advisory Council.

APCO Strengthens its Brand Reputation and Crisis Management Offer

Mar 29, 2017
Mary Jo Jacobi and Patrick Jephson, reputation and crisis management experts with more than a combined 65 years of industry experience, joined APCO’s International Advisory Council.

Former Vice President of Public Relations at Kaman Corp. Joins APCO’s IAC

Jan 30, 2017
J. Kenneth Nasshan, former vice president, public relations for Kaman Corp., with more than 25 years of experience in the communications industry, joined APCO’s International Advisory Council.