Howard Pulchin Joins APCO Worldwide in New Creative Role

New York (June 4, 2014) – Howard Pulchin, co-founder of Edelman’s Strategic + Creative Guild joined APCO Worldwide today in a new role as global director, creative strategy and community, announced Nelson Fernandez, APCO’s managing director for New York. Based in APCO’s New York office, Pulchin will counsel APCO’s clients in collaboration with APCO’s Studio Online group and StrawberryFrog agency to develop creative strategies that propel their businesses forward.

“Today, we can all be authors, filmmakers and content creators,” said Fernandez. “It’s precisely this shift in control from channel to user/creators that makes Howard such a powerful hire for APCO. Howard’s track record in helping some of the world’s most powerful brands tell stories that connect and inspire – coupled with APCO’s strengths in corporate communications and public affairs – is a winning combination for our clients today and those who will join us in the future.”

Pulchin, who left Edelman earlier this year, is a 14-year veteran of the firm and served in a variety of roles including executive strategic director and co-founder of the Strategic + Creative Guild and managing director of the New York consumer marketing practice. He has worked with some of the world's top brands and companies, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Unilever, GE, Adobe, Gensler, PepsiCo, HP, Church + Dwight and Kraft (now Mondelez). He led teams to introduce Xbox and Axe to U.S. audiences; worked in an integrated agency capacity to develop Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty; and co-developed Trojan's sexual health platform. Prior to his tenure at Edelman, Pulchin served as the director for U.S. communications at the Guinness-Bass Import Company, now Diageo, and played a lead role in the development and programming for Guinness’ famous “Win Your Own Pub in Ireland” competition to help further Guinness’ brand in the United States.

"It’s exciting to join APCO at this time and begin working with APCO’s staff at a moment of considerable change for communicators and marketers,” said Pulchin. “Today, clients rightly want a single communication partner who can help them advance their brand across all dimensions in this always-on, highly connected and increasingly distracted world. Meanwhile, the public has increasingly sophisticated expectations of the companies and brands that play such large roles in their lives. It is incumbent upon us to bring to life ideas that meet and exceed these expectations, and I’m confident that APCO will do this with its unique Champion Brand approach.”

APCO’s Champion Brand model is a comprehensive framework to evaluate and guide corporate brand strategy, helping companies build stronger corporate brands that empower them to become true leaders in their industries and in society – a Champion Brand. The model measures corporate brands along four dimensions known as the Four As – Alignment, Authenticity, Attachment and Advocacy.

“It’s great to have Howard on board to help APCO’s clients develop new and exciting creative strategies that can truly cross borders while being tailored to meet specific market needs,” said Neal Cohen, COO and president at APCO. “I can’t wait to see his outstanding work.”

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