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We Mean Business

Securing a Nonprofit's Future

The Challenge

We Mean Business is a global nonprofit coalition that works with the world’s most influential businesses to take action on climate change. After five years devoted to tackling this mission, We Mean Business recognized the need to align its organizational strategy with the decade of delivery. The coalition sought to evolve its focus to enhance the acceleration of concrete policies and plans to reach net-zero targets.

The Solution

We Mean Business partnered with APCO Impact (formerly known as The Tembo Group) to gather stakeholder perspectives from staff, coalition members, and donors to foster alignment around the organization’s future. APCO Impact identified best practices across analogous coalitions of a similar size and remit to help We Mean Business ensure its structure and operating principles could meet the demands of today’s sustainability landscape. Finally, APCO Impact identified new strategic opportunities, mapped operational implications and developed a framework to better engage board members and build deeper partnerships with major philanthropic donors.

The Result

APCO’s support helped We Mean Business define goals and objectives for the next five years and opportunities for We Mean Business to position itself within the climate community to achieve maximal impact while attracting funding to further support its operations. As a result, the coalition successfully aligned key stakeholders around the launch of its evolved strategic plan, which led to new multi-year funding commitments from major donors.