Drive or Drown: How to Maximize Your Organization’s SOV During UNGA

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) Week is one of the most inclusive and anticipated events on our global calendar, encompassing the most prolific voices and organizations that are working to shape a more prosperous future for all. Last year on Twitter alone, “UNGA” OR “#UNGA” was mentioned roughly 2.9 million times from a diverse range of people and perspectives. Given the overwhelming volume of traffic, its nearly impossible for unusual suspects to make an impact in this convoluted conversation without paying a pretty penny to promote their content … Or is it?

With UNGA right around the corner, I wanted to outline some tips and tricks on how people and brands can make their voice heard during one of the most crowded weeks in the digital space:

Start Early

Generally speaking, social media has invigorated the fundamental practice of communication, allowing seamless conversation to take place online in a moment’s notice. However, in March 2006, Twitter disrupted the market place with a user-friendly platform that incentivized users to engage on a more regular basis. Eventually, after more and more people began to adopt the application, it turned into a versatile content hub providing an outlet for everyone’s passions and interests.

With adoption rate so high and organizations becoming prominent players driving critical conversations on the platform, its important to have content strategies in place ahead of the key moment in time you’re looking to capitalize on. Like most social platforms, Twitter’s algorithm serves as a barometer that measures every piece of content and ad-spend put in place and is known to respond well to persistence. With that being said, don’t wait until UNGA week to start disseminating relevant content! Handles that start sharing content incorporating the proper hashtags at least a month prior increase their post visibility substantially once volume begins to take off.

Use Adjacent Hashtags

Winning the share of voice battle in the #UNGA conversation is a battle that you’re more than likely to lose. However, on the bright side, there are a multitude of niche conversations that are likely to ladder up into something more substantial. Become a thought leader in this space by using adjacent hashtags that sit under the umbrella of topics covered throughout the week! This can be done by conducting high-level social listening to understand pertinent conversations that will be discussed. Use this agenda as a guide and ask yourself the right questions before getting started. What day will this discussion be top of mind? Who are the individuals that have been talking about this throughout the year(s)? What is the current sentiment around this topic? Are there sub conversations happening already?  

Align with Affiliate Channels

Remember the good ol’ saying “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’”? That phrase is applicable in many cases, but especially when trying to affirm validity and make your mark in crowded conversations online. Often times, brands have multiple handles on Twitter (i.e consumer, corporate, marketing, region specific, product specific). During UNGA and other high magnitude events, it’s important to align with affiliate channel owners on your plan to ensure amplification strategies are in place. Given that each channel is likely to have a different follower base, a simple retweet can increase visibility exponentially in a strategic manner. Sometimes it takes a village!

UNGA week typically results in the regular suspects leading the way. However, this is not to say your content can’t be seen and that shying away from the giants is the way to go. Engaging with them by way of a quote tweet offering your stance or perspective has the capability to fuel a compelling conversation outside of the initial swim lane!

With the information above and quality content in place, maximizing your brand’s presence during UNGA and other key moments in time becomes a bit more feasible. Now the challenge awaits! Will you choose to drive or drown?