APCO is currently exploring the ways of marrying online discussions with opinion research and the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil afforded us another opportunity to analyze how opinions are and are not impacted by what is happening online. With the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics only days away, an analysis of the digital conversations indicates that there is a surge of positive coverage around the personal stories of athletes while the majority of the negative coverage has focused on the ability of Brazil to successfully host the games.

However, new opinion research by APCO Insight suggests that the negative media narrative around the country’s ability to host the games isn’t stressing out those in Brazil paying close attention to the news. Our research finds that media-attentive Brazilians are upbeat about the country’s preparedness to host Rio 2016: 65% among this news-attentive segment of the public feel that the country is ready, with 28% saying ‘very prepared’.

While other opinion polls suggest that Brazilians are skeptical of the benefits of hosting the Olympics games (60% in a recent IBOPE survey said that the event will bring more harm than good), when it comes to readiness to host the games, our data shows that national pride wins out. In fact, IBOPE’s poll found that more than half of Brazilians (59%) prefer that the organization of the event be a success than Brazil be well placed in the medals chart. After all, this is also the country that hosted the World Cup just two years ago – building seven new venues and renovating five for the games – so, pulling off an event of such grand scale is not a first for Brazil.

We've compiled some of our findings in the below SlideShare. Take a look, judge for yourself and enjoy the games!

Katie Sprehe

Kathleen Holzwart Sprehe, senior director with APCO Insight, has extensive experience conducting opinion research in more than 50 countries around the world. Read More