For those of you having David Letterman withdrawals, I bring you the “Top 10 Things You Wouldn’t (or Shouldn’t) Hear a Creativity Expert Say”:

#10: I never met a lawyer or accountant with an original idea. That’s what “creatives” are for.

#9: Let’s make sure our brainstorm caters to the loudest and most dominant. Come on, people, if you can’t box out, get out of the game!

#8: Stick to ideas from the most senior people. Geez, they walked 10 miles to school.  Millennials clearly lack that kind of experience and wisdom. 

#7: Only consumer marketing projects require creativity. When did you ever see a crisis need a big idea?

#6: Let’s do a 30-minute brainstorm. Love those first-round concepts people come up with. Who doesn’t want more Guinness World Record Book ideas?

#5: The more clutter, the more creativity! Let’s fill our lives with more. More distractions. More noise. More devices. Give me more!

#4: Dabble. Dabble. Dabble. Consume everything in bite-size pieces. Never finish a story, a song, a sentence…

#3: There is no time to take chances. Be careful. Be very, very careful. Risk-averse is good.

#2: If the big idea didn’t come today, it’s not coming. The best ideas come right away.  Just. Like. That.

And the #1 thing you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) hear a creativity expert say:

#1: You’ve got it or you don’t. Some people are genetically creative. They threw away their 64-color crayon box too.

This post is part of APCO's "Brave New Ideas" blog series, featuring perspectives on creativity and ideas from colleagues around the world.

Tina-Marie Adams

Tina-Marie Adams is managing director of APCO Worldwide’s Chicago office and is a more than 25 year communications veteran. Read More