Responsible Business Practices

As we conduct our work across the globe, APCO Worldwide strives to be a responsible company in everything we do. Our commitment to conducting our business at the highest level of ethics and integrity is derived from the core values that have guided us since our founding.  This commitment is embodied in our Code of Conduct, which sets forth the fundamental ethical principles that govern how we do business.

Our commitment to operating responsibly includes acting with strong ethics and integrity; adhering to standards of good governance and financial stewardship; supporting our local communities; and managing our environmental footprint. We comply with local laws of every market in which we operate, adhere to industry codes of conduct to which we are a signatory and strive to meet stakeholder expectations. We aim to serve clients who are committed to the same high standards of integrity and accountability.

Our Mission

Enable clients to achieve their objectives through insightful counsel, authentic advocacy and creative communications. 

Counsel clients on the opportunities and challenges of a global marketplace and engaged stakeholders in times of transformational change.

Partner with clients to add value to their enterprises and benefit society.

Accomplishing Our Mission

We accomplish our mission by hiring, retaining and developing exceptional people from diverse backgrounds; engaging our people in thoughtful and challenging work; and, fostering a culture of critical and unconventional thinking. We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion by celebrating differences in our culture by race, gender, generation, religion and geography, and our efforts have been recognized by our industry. As a certified woman-owned business, we are actively engaged in organizations that focus on the advancement of diversity in our industry as well across societies in which we operate.

We achieve results by acquiring a deep understanding of our client’s objectives and matching this with deep insights into their political, economic and social environments and actionable strategic support.

By operating as one integrated company with offices around the world, we secure our clients’ license to operate and grow by delivering results that are locally relevant and often globally impactful.

Our Values

The values we put forth – to everyone throughout the organization – reflect our dual commitment to our people and our clients. 

  • Boldness: We push boundaries and produce better ideas to solve the really challenging problems of our time
  • Inclusivity: Our culture champions the diversity of people, embracing their thoughts and experiences
  • Curiosity: We hunger for learning and improvement in all we do, keeping us at the cutting edge
  • Empathy: We seek to understand the perspectives of clients, colleagues and stakeholders to better meet their needs 

    Operating Principles

    These business principles were part of our DNA long before they were put to paper. 

    • Make client success our measurement of achievement
    • Empower people to do great work
    • Nurture an organization where everyone is valued
    • Rely on one another to achieve personal potential
    • Build relationships to build business
    • Tell the truth
    • Push the boundaries with innovative technology and solutions
    • Provide global service culture by culture

    Responsible Business Committee

    APCO’s Responsible Business Committee (RBC) is the steward of APCO’s commitment to ethical and responsible business conduct. In addition to regularly reviewing and updated our Code of Conduct, the RBC ensures staff members are provided training on ethical conduct and compliance with laws and works with senior management to help identify and resolve potential conflicts of interest with client work or APCO’s values. The RBC guides APCO’s Global Leadership Team on ethical matters and provides insights and information that helps inform decisions made by leadership around the firm. The RBC serves as a resource for employees who have questions, concerns or personal conflicts with the assignments we accept or how we operate. The RBC also works to help APCO adopt industry best practices in all areas of ethics, integrity and accountability.

    Professional Standards, Memberships and Partnerships

    We believe the responsible practice of communication and public affairs is grounded in respect and compliance with local norms and laws, respect for both global and local expectations of good business conduct, as well as adherence to industry codes and rigorous self-regulation. APCO has endorsed and adheres to the following industry codes:

    • Association Française des Conseils en Lobbying (France) Code of Ethics
    • Association of Professional Political Consultants (UK) Code of Conduct
    • Confederation of Indian Industry (India) Code of Business Ethics
    • Council of Public Relations Firms (U.S.) Code of Ethics
    • Council of Public Relations Firms in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Code of Ethics
    • Degepol (Germany) Code of Conduct
    • European Public Affairs Consultancies Association (Europe) Code of Conduct
    • Independent Commission Against Corruption (Hong Kong) Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (POBO)
    • International Association of Business Communicators (International) Code of Conduct
    • Public Relations Consultancies Association (UK) (U.S.) Code of Conduct
    • Public Relations Society of America (U.S.) Member Code of Ethics

    APCO’s local offices and staff actively lead and participate in or are members of a variety of business organizations including chambers of commerce, business councils, industry groups and societies. Links to many of those can be found on our location pages.

    We work in partnership with a number of global organizations, including the International Crisis Group, the International Business Leadership Forum and Business in the Community International. APCO is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. We comply with UK Human Trafficking, Smuggling and Slavery legislation

    APCO Gives Back

    Our people are central to our success, and APCO knows they want to work for a company that supports them in sharing their time, expertise and passion with their communities. By supporting these interests, we are able to recruit and retain the best people, provide additional skill-development opportunities and enhance our own local and global community connections. 

    Through APCO Gives Back, the company provides time and other resources for individual and group volunteerism, pro bono service, and humanitarian and disaster response. We assess and report on the program's internal and external impact on an annual basis.

    APCO is proud to be a member of A Billion + Change, a national campaign to mobilize billions of dollars of pro bono and skills-based services to address core issues communities face in the United States and around the world. APCO has pledged our best business skills and talents to serve the needs of nonprofits and communities where we operate.