Kareem Farid

Kareem Farid

Lead Storyteller

Kareem Farid is lead storyteller based in APCO Worldwide's Dubai office. He has seven years’ experience in digital and social media, corporate communications, video production and creative production in the digital space.

With technical expertise, vast experience and a hands-on, positive approach to problem solving and creative solutions, Mr. Farid is committed to a learning-based model which ensures best-in-class content, practice and methods in business, as well as individual and team development.

Mr. Farid is heads APCO's Ideation Factory, a new internal think tank working across all sectors providing strategic support and enhancing the creative client service experience at APCO Worldwide.

Prior to joining APCO, Mr. Farid worked as a journalist and reporter across the Middle East for five years covering a wide range of subjects on the ground, including the war in Gaza. He also launched his own multimedia agency in 2014 prior to relocating to Dubai.

Mr. Farid takes a non-traditional approach to providing digital solution and is highly entrepreneurial. His diverse experiences and functional skillset drives his desire to bring change and see things from a fresh perspective.