Yoshio Matsumi

Senior advisor to ITOCHU Corporation

Yoshio Matsumi is a senior advisor to ITOCHU Corporation, a $100 billion Japanese trading and holding company that manages more than 30,000 different products and commodities through 150 offices in nearly 90 countries. During his 40 year tenure at ITOCHU, he held a variety of senior-level positions.

Throughout the 1970s, Mr. Matsumi played a critical role in business development in Mongolia and the former Soviet Union for ITOCHU. He then moved to New York City where he worked for 20 years and held a number of executive-level positions at ITOCHU International. In New York, he spearheaded the company’s strategic alliance with and $500 million investment in Time Warner in 1992. He also managed a number of high-profile telecommunications and defense projects between Japan and the United States in cooperation with the Reagan administration.

In 2000, Mr. Matsumi took the lead in forming ITOCHU’s global strategic partnerships with 25 universities, national laboratories and venture capital groups including Columbia University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Institut Pasteur, New Mexico State Government, MPM Capital, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Collaborating with these global partners, he oversaw ITOCHU’s Innovative Technology Business Development Office in charge of technology development and commercialization as well as venture investment in biopharma, functional food, advanced materials, security and safety, and energy and environment. Mr. Matsumi became executive officer of ITOCHU and general manager of its Innovative Technology Business Development Office in 2004.

Mr. Matsumi currently serves as a board member of Solasia Pharma; a member of the Biomass Nippon (Japan) Strategy Advisory Group for the Japanese Government; and a member of the Intellectual Property Strategy Committee for the Council for Science and Technology Policy of the Japanese Government. In 2008, he was elected as a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan. He speaks frequently on a variety of topics related to science and technology.

Mr. Matsumi has an Executive Master of Business Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts from Osaka University. He also studied at Harvard University’s Department of Regional Studies: The Soviet Union, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.