Martina Tydecks

Executive Director, International

Martina Tydecks, executive director international and chairwoman of APCO’s offices in Germany, is a member and coordinator of APCO’s Global Leadership Team and supports APCO's business in Europe as well as internationally in the firm’s emerging markets with a current focus on India. In this role, she helps to implement global best practices to ensure the firm's high standards of business performance management and client service are consistent across all operations.

Having first joined APCO in 2000, Ms. Tydecks founded APCO’s operations in Germany and served as managing director until 2014. With more than 30 years of consulting experience, she specializes in issue management, strategic alliances, coalition building, corporate positioning, crisis management and media relations. She has managed many high-profile public affairs and media campaigns.

Her records of success include the abolition of the German discount and free gift law, the reform of the EU-sugar regime and the termination of the postal monopoly in Germany, as well as crisis management on several high-profile cases.

Prior to APCO, Ms. Tydecks served as head of division "Labour and Tariff Policy" at the Association of German Hotel and Restaurant Industry; head of division public affairs and holding power of attorney at the Bonn-based consultancy Kohl PR; and owner and managing director of the Bonn-based consultancy mtpr.

Ms. Tydecks holds a diploma in advertising and marketing from the Cologne Academy for Advertising and Communications and studied art history, German literature and philosophy at the University of Cologne as well as at the University of Lisbon. She speaks and writes German and English, and she has a basic understanding of French, Portuguese and Spanish.