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Activism. Disruption. Fragmentation. Purpose. Partnership. Scrutiny. These are just some of today’s forces of change. Thriving among them requires a unique diversity in thinking and understanding, a depth of expertise, an intimate appreciation of stakeholders, and a nuanced yet fact-based approach. This is exactly what APCO delivers.

For over 30 years and with more than 650 employees representing more than 40 nationalities, we have used our campaign instincts to help the most innovative organizations create game-changing possibilities and solve complex problems. We do this for all types of organizations, in all industries – in the most high-stakes situations. Embracing complexity and partnering with clients enables us to guide them through a changing, global environment, so they can make an impact and shape the future.

At APCO, we bring clients' work to life through creative and diverse thinking and campaign instincts that are informed by deep insights, analytical rigor and an intimate appreciation of stakeholder groups. Our counsel is not limited by any particular service or discipline, and embraces a variety of integrated tactics to achieve success. That is how we improve reputations and bottom lines; create and protect jobs; shape issues important to society; improve workplaces and communities; gain visibility for and give voice to those who may not typically be heard; and much more. Simply put, our work has impact, is meaningful, solves problems and creates opportunities.

Our mission is to enable clients to achieve their objectives through insightful counsel, authentic advocacy and creative communications. Fostering a culture of unconventional thinking allows us to accomplish this mission. We are independent and operate without internal boundaries – always looking out for the clients’ best interests. We also have the freedom to innovate and invest for the long term – and we do. As a majority-women owned and founded firm, APCO’s diversity and inclusivity – across all metrics – help us attack problems from all sides and with different perspectives.

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Our people set the standard in their fields: Our diverse global viewpoints and local insights help our clients plan for what’s next.


Not only do we have offices in more than 30 major markets around the world, but we have the flexibility to create a team customized to our clients' needs, wherever and whatever they are.


See the recognition from our industry peers for our creative collaboration with clients and the outstanding results our work achieves.

Responsible Business

Responsible business management and communication is in our DNA. Learn more about our mission, values and how we give back.