Our Work

Across the globe, APCO teams have worked to redefine the way solutions are devised and implemented. Through our Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) program, we have turned our clients into long-lasting partners, and have built successes beyond the scope of traditional communications firms. Through PROspective, we have set a new standard for crisis communications. And through our Champion Brand approach we have shaped the way the world’s largest corporations communicate about their brands and engage with their stakeholders. Learn more about these and other APCO offerings below:

Proprietary Tools

APCO Champion Brand

A proprietary methodology for helping brands authentically engage stakeholders to build long-term support and sustainability.


Return on Reputation

A research model that quantifies a company’s reputation impact on critical business outcomes and helps communicators optimize their reputation management programs.


An enhanced listening and risk analysis process that empowers executives to quickly address challenges through informed, timely decision-making to remain in control and limit surprises during times of crisis.


Sonar and Campfire

Sonar and Campfire are first-ever tools to fuse together digital data and opinion research to create a full picture of what people are thinking, saying and doing.