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Research & Studies

APCO Worldwide regularly releases research products and services on timely subjects. Examples of these studies are below.

Return on Reputation Indicator: State of the APAC Pharmaceutical Industry
A new reputation-management study on the state of the Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Industry, the third in a series of studies using the company's proprietary Return on Repuation research model.

A study conducted by APCO Insight®, in partnership with National Journal and EurActiv, that tackles the question of trade association effectiveness with a formal, systematic and objective approach that isolates the specific characteristics that define public policy effectiveness.

Experiences of Chinese Enterprises in the United States
A report conducted by APCO Worldwide in partnership with China Daily USA, which looked at business leaders who work at Chinese enterprises in the United States to better understand the challenges and successes of Chinese enterprises in the United States.

The Eye of the Beholder
A report conducted by APCO Worldwide and Lares Institute, which analyzed the need to place the individual at the center of the privacy and data sensitivity debates, provided revealing insights about consumer sentiment toward data sensitivity and reintroduced the concept of Privacy 3.0.

Internal Social Media: A Business Driver
A survey and analysis conducted by APCO Worldwide and Gagen MacDonald, which specifically looked at the usage and impact of internal social media within corporations.

Return on Reputation Indicator: State of the Pharmaceutical Industry
A reputation-management study for the pharmaceutical sector, the second in a series of studies using the company’s proprietary Return on Reputation research model.

An Arab Spring? Perceptions of Western Opinion Leaders
APCO Insight® recently looked at how events in the Middle East are shaping the views of Western opinion leaders and influencing their decisions about business, politics and the economy, as well as where they seek information in the media.

Reputation & Responsibility
A meta-analysis of corporate reputation research for more than 15 Fortune 100 companies demonstrates that social responsibility is a key driver in defining corporate reputation – impacting more than a quarter of a company's overall reputation.

Leveraging Employee Confidence
A survey conducted by APCO Worldwide and Gagen Macdonald reveals surprisingly high levels of confidence among American employees in the overall direction and management of their respective companies, despite the current economic environment.

Social EQ
Social EQ is a groundbreaking new model developed by APCO and The Huffington Post to assess the effectiveness of a company’s social media efforts.

Return on Reputation IndicatorSM
To help the retail industry navigate the increasingly complex issue environment that impacts the reputations and brands of retail companies, APCO Insight® launched groundbreaking research to decode the "reputation DNA" of companies in the retail sector. Become a subscribing member and receive data from the survey. To subscribe, contact Bryan Dumont, senior vice president, APCO Insight or call 202.778.1000.

2009 Ambassador Survey
A study conducted in early 2009 by APCO Insight®, in collaboration with The Washington Diplomat, surveys the Washington diplomatic corps on their opinions about the challenges and opportunities facing the Obama administration as it assumed office.

Poland in Brussels: Controversial Partner and/or Opinion Leader?
An opinion survey by APCO Insight®

Candidates and Voters: The Emotional Link
APCO Insight® Uses Emotional Factors© to Look at the "Brand" Relationship Voters Have with the Candidates

Blogger Outreach Study
A study of the working relationship that exists between bloggers and public relations executives revealed a pairing in its earliest stages, replete with its share of misunderstandings and misperceptions, yet also with areas of similar beliefs and aspirations, conducted by APCO Online® and the Council of Public Relations Firms.

Expectations for Corporate Responsibility: Raising the Bar
A study conducted by APCO Insight® highlights the American public's lofty expectations for businesses abroad. The Global Business Diplomacy Study reveals a consensus that business success brings with it an increased responsibility to address global challenges.

Communicating CSR: Talking to People Who Listen
A survey conducted by APCO Insight® shows the people most likely to be listening are receptive and responsive to proactive corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication and this communication directly impacts behavior. The Global CSR Survey sheds new light on the perceived value of CSR communication, the role key stakeholders play in influencing and working with companies on CSR and how CSR communication impacts consumer and investment behavior.