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Crises happen, and no company is immune. While most organizations have a crisis communication plan in a binder, somewhere on an office shelf, today's media environment of high-speed telecommunications and the 24-hour, global news cycle require that companies be prepared to respond immediately. Quick, decisive communication is critical to ensuring customers, employees and shareholders maintain confidence in an organization, and ultimately, in its products or services.

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APCO Worldwide's commitment to client service in times of crisis, at the local, regional, national and international levels, is what sets us apart. Our approach to crisis planning and management – Crisis360 – is strategic communication consulting that brings crisis communication full-circle. We assist clients with preparing for the worst and help executives understand what they can do before, during and after a crisis to preserve – and even enhance – their reputations.

APCO's integrated, strategic approach to crisis management offers clients access to seasoned specialists drawn from government, industry and media throughout the world. We take these best-of-class strategists and form a global, around-the-clock team capable of dealing with crises in all time zones, that will work with clients' litigation communication, risk management and lawsuit communication teams to help them successfully navigate crises and preserve their reputations.

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