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Ally Development
& Coalition Building

More voices equal more effective and credible issue advocacy. Few issues are won on the strength of a single viewpoint or interest. A carefully developed coalition can amplify an organization's messages, highlight the many facets of an issue and build a broad base of support around a common purpose.

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Whether mobilizing around legislative and regulatory issues or promoting concepts and causes, effective ally recruitment and communication makes the difference. APCO Worldwide has extensive expertise in helping clients build and manage coalitions that position clients' issues in ways that change minds and achieve goals.

Since its inception, APCO has helped clients create successful coalitions by:

  • building coalition infrastructure and leadership
  • gaining third-party support
  • identifying and recruiting compelling allies
  • developing campaign strategies to guide coalition efforts
  • implementing coalition communication campaigns including earned media, paid media, direct contact and online strategies
  • driving media and opinion-leader awareness through public education
  • harnessing grassroots resources of coalition members to achieve coalition goals
  • recruiting new grassroots and grasstops advocates to the cause

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