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Kent Jarrell
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Kent Jarrell

Kent Jarrell, executive director, leads APCO’s Washington, D.C.-based crisis management and litigation communications practice. He advises CEOs, general counsels and boards of directors on the preparation for unfolding material events.

Throughout Mr. Jarrell’s career, he has been a trusted counselor on numerous cases in North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. He currently serves as spokesman and strategic communication advisor for the Liquidation Trustee for MF Global Inc. and also advises on communication efforts in the liquidation of Lehman Brothers. He continues to serve as an outside global manager for Merck’s communication efforts on the Vioxx litigation. Mr. Jarrell led the APCO team that oversaw the Constellation Energy and Exelon Corporation merger; counseled the Mexican government during the H1N1 epidemic; and managed litigation efforts for WorldCom during the company’s restructuring. He also represented Hewlett-Packard’s board of directors during the resignation of the company’s CEO in 2010; consulted with Ford on the Firestone cases; represented merchants in the Visa Check MasterMoney Antitrust Litigation, which led to a $3.3-billion settlement; and advised litigation communication around the Alaska Airlines investigations following the crash of Flight 261 off California.   

Mr. Jarrell has led his team in the creation and use of APCO’s Predictive Risk & Opportunity (PRO) Model, a tool to analyze stakeholder reactions to provide the full context of risk and opportunity for emerging issues and events. This model has been successfully used for scenario building and to focus executive decision making.

Additionally, Mr. Jarrell has worked on litigation involving: financial transactions, hostile takeovers, corporate restructuring, downsizings, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) discrimination matters, extortion, fraud, corporate espionage, chemical plant explosions, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls, money laundering, national security, military criminal actions, consumer recalls, breast implants, customs, patients, royalties, and medical negligence. He served as a media spokesman in several cases and also handled negotiations for several clients with television investigative shows including “60 Minutes,” “Frontline” and “20/20.”

Mr. Jarrell is the author of Litigation Communication: A Road Map to an Emerging Art, which was published by the National Legal Center. He provides frequent commentary and analysis for international and national news organizations. He has been recognized by PRWeek as Crisis Communicator of the Year.

As a national broadcast journalist for more than 20 years, Mr. Jarrell gained a reputation as a “parachute man” for reporting on crises, including the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the crash of Flight 261, the Ethiopian famine, the first Persian Gulf War, terrorism in Europe, the U.S. conflict in Panama and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Based in Washington, Mr. Jarrell reported from 41 states and 13 countries and covered five U.S. presidents.
Mr. Jarrell also produced radio documentaries for the British Broadcasting Corporation in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Jarrell received a Master of Science in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and a Bachelor of Science in public communications with a concentration in history from Boston University’s School of Public Communications. He also attended colleges and universities in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.