Margery Kraus

Business Conduct

APCO Worldwide's Mission

Our mission is to be the communication, stakeholder engagement and business strategy partner of choice for our clients and the employer of choice in our industry. We are committed to using our strengths in analysis, strategy and communication to increase understanding of complex issues that affect our societies.

We do this by living up to our values in everything we do. As a company, and as professionals, we value collaboration, initiative, creativity, integrity, and the freedom to challenge convention. Our values transcend geographical boundaries and are embraced in every APCO office.

We hold ourselves accountable to our employees, clients, shareholders and the societies in which we do business, and we aim to measure ourselves against best practice standards of responsible business that go beyond legal compliance. In addition, we strive to raise the bar of best practices where we work and in everything we do.

APCO Worldwide's Business Philosophy

APCO is an independent global communication, stakeholder engagement and business strategy firm that provides a full range of integrated services across multiple industries. Our clients include large multinational companies, trade associations, governments, NGOs and educational institutions, and ongoing, responsible and thoughtful engagement with them is essential to our business success.

We believe each of these sectors has a vital role in creating and sustaining successful societies:

  • Business is necessary to generate growth, innovation, employment, community development and other social progress.
  • Governments and international institutions play an essential role by setting and enforcing transparent frameworks for the rule of law and for the rights and responsibilities of their citizens.
  • The media ensures the free flow of information, reporting news, analyzing broader developments and giving voice to diverse opinions.
  • NGOs work to advance civil society, including human rights, worker rights, environmental stewardship and humanitarian response.

We aim to serve clients across these sectors who are themselves committed to high standards of integrity and accountability. This objective is reflected in our new business and client service protocols.

We believe the challenges and opportunities facing our societies require robust and transparent debate, proactive search for common ground and multi-sector cooperation and partnership. By helping to achieve this, responsible communication and public affairs professionals add value to society.

We believe that the expert and responsible practice of communication and public affairs is grounded in respect and compliance with the law and both global and local expectations for business conduct, as well as adherence to industry codes and rigorous self-regulation.

APCO has endorsed and will adhere in all our activities to the following industry codes:

Council of Public Relations Firms
Code of Ethics

Public Relations Society of America
Member Code of Ethics

International Association of Business Communicators
Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators

The Association of Professional Political Consultants
Code of Conduct

APCO Worldwide's Responsible Business Committee

To make certain we continue to adhere to best practices we established the APCO Responsible Business Committee (RBC). The RBC is a focal point for ensuring that we not only live our values, but that we meet and extend industry best practice in all areas of ethics, integrity and social responsibility. APCO's commitment includes excellence in client service, the necessity of good governance and financial stewardship of our company, support for our local communities and the management of our environmental footprint. The RBC has representation from every region as well as from our Board of Directors, International Advisory Council and our Corporate Responsibility practice group.