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On April 21, 2011, APCO Forum convened five experts on the Middle East to discuss recent developments in the region and the possible political and economic implications of the events there.

APCO's panel included:

  Marc Ginsberg former deputy senior adviser to the president for Middle East policy; former ambassador of the United States to Morocco
  H.E. Said T. Jawad former Afghanistan ambassador to the United States; former press secretary and chief of staff to President Hamid Karzai
  James P. Moore, Jr. former assistant secretary of commerce for trade development and expert on Middle East issues
  H.E. Itamar Rabinovich Israel’s chief negotiator with Syria under the Yitzhak Rabin government; former ambassador of Israel to the United States
  Tarik Yousef dean of Dubai School of Government; senior fellow at Brookings Institution

The Forum was moderated by Shelby Coffey, former editor of The Los Angeles Times and former president of CNN Business News.

Take a moment to listen to the full conversation using the player below, or read excerpted questions and answers here. A summary (PDF) of the discussion is also available.


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