Preparing the next generation of global leaders is a vital task. Recently, APCO's Paris office had the opportunity to help do just that.

This month more than two dozen exceptional African teens from approximately 30 countries across the continent are visiting California as part of Empowering Africa Through Youth Leadership, a cultural-exchange program made possible by a joint venture of charitable organization Korponai KIDS Foundation and online connection platform for travelers Voyaj. APCO has been supporting the undertaking with public relations and other communications work.

“We are grateful to APCO Worldwide’s French team for their sponsorship, support and assistance with the communications around this important initiative,” said Karen Korponai, president of the Korponai KIDS Foundation. “The program will empower the next generation of exceptional African young people.”

So far in their time stateside, the teens have received training and coaching from leadership expert Anthony Robbins, attended meetings with peers from around the world and participated in tours of various sites.  

In recent years APCO has been expanding its work across the African continent. Everywhere we go, we are impressed by African potential and creativity. For us, supporting Empowering Africa Through Youth Leadership is a way to help people all over the world access the incredible potential that lies with their youth.

This month’s trip marks the program’s pilot gathering for youth leaders. Creators intend for it to be the start of a unique, Africa-focused network that extends across borders and countries and transcends language. The participants are encouraged to remain in touch following the trip and to keep open lines of communication about global leadership and youth empowerment for the greater good.

We hope the teens make the best of this experience and enjoy their time in the United States. One thing is for sure: We know that those they meet will be keen to learn more about Africa.

Here’s to the next generation of world leaders!

Empowering Africa Through Youth Leadership is led by the Korponai KIDS Foundation and Voyaj and is supported by Akon Lighting Africa, AMEX International, APCO Worldwide, CTEXCEI, Fondation Volontaires D'Afrique, IRAF, NIMBA Ltd., Pond Mobile (Africa branch) and Royal Air Maroc.

Anne-Elvire Kormann-Esmel

Anne-Elvire Kormann-Esmel is a senior director based in APCO Worldwide’s Paris office, specializing in corporate communications. She has developed corporate positioning and reputation management programs targeting all relevant stakeholders. Read More