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Europe Flags

Beyond the Flag: Getting Nation Branding Right

Nick Maschari - Jan 22, 2015

In the hyper-connected, hyper-competitive world today, where capital in all its forms – human, financial and social – is extremely mobile, the need for smart, compelling branding is stronger than ever. Much like corporations, sovereign nations are increasingly seeing brand building as critical to their ability to develop, grow and prosper.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Elections 2015

Amrita De Aiyer - Jan 22, 2015

Sri Lanka has just witnessed an epic victory for Maithripala Sirisena, the island country’s sixth executive president. Epic because it brought to end the reign of South Asia’s longest-serving ruler, Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was fast losing people’s trust amid allegations of corruption, nepotism and authoritarianism.

electionsSri Lanka
US Capitol

SOTU: Obama Finds a Happy Medium

Sarika Kare - Jan 22, 2015

On January 20, 2015, Barack Obama set a new precedent. For the first time ever, the entire text of the State of the Union (SOTU) speech was made available to the public online ahead of time.

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Health in America

Quiet Competence

William Pierce - Jan 22, 2015

In Washington, most high-level Washington political appointees and elected officials try and gain attention for themselves regardless of whether they are doing good job. Marilyn Tavenner, who recently announced that she was stepping down from her position as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, was just the opposite.

Health PolicyMarilyn Tavenner
Watch Gears

Back To Becomes Progress Forward

Howard Pulchin - Jan 20, 2015

To start by stating that constant change is inevitable may seem like stating the obvious or a by-gone conclusion. Yet, change is not always about the newest, latest or shiniest.

experienceengagementChampion Brandauthenticity

What’s trending? Simplification.

Lee Milverton - Jan 15, 2015

As a designer, I enjoy watching logos change over time. And 2014 was a year of major brand changes. I was immediately drawn in the by the number of brands that simplified their logos. I don’t believe simplication was a coincidental trend. I think there are logical reasons to explain it.

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Five Must-See Charts and Graphs from CES 2015

David Oarr - Jan 15, 2015

Last week felt like a never ending avalanche of CES photos, opinions and announcements, especially if you are a communicator or in the technology industry.

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