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Our Energy Future in 2035 Depends on New Technologies, Talent, and Mindsets

Maggie Brown - Apr 20, 2015

The energy economy of 2035 will be driven by incredible advances in technological innovations that promise to radically alter the energy industry as we know it, and will only intensify over time.

clean techenergy mix

Earthrise 1968 to Earth Day 2015: Solar Energy Continues to Amaze

Bob Bissen - Apr 19, 2015

On Christmas Eve 1968, NASA astronaut Bill Anders, orbiting the moon on board Apollo 8, took the first photo of Earth rising over the horizon of another celestial body. That photo – known as Earthrise, widely regarded as one of the most iconic photos of the 20th Century – is believed by many to have been the impetus for launching the environmental movement. Whether or not that’s the case, less than 16 months later the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.

energy sourcessolar energyEarth Day
india and china map

Beyond 1962: How to Upgrade the Sino-Indian Relationship

Peter Martin - Apr 15, 2015

The relationship between China and India will be one of the most important of this century. Their interactions will help to determine the future of globalization, international institutions, and U.S. power.


A Pause-Worthy State of Mind

Howard Pulchin - Apr 14, 2015

Recently, in Give Pause a Chance, I shared my belief that we need more ideas in the world that are truly pause-worthy versus just noisy ideas.

Scottish and British Flags

Why the UK General Election will be Won in Scotland

Kenneth Page - Apr 07, 2015

The keys to Number 10 Downing Street lie in Scotland. Last week’s performance by Scottish National Party (SNP) leader and First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, in the televised leaders’ debate, has firmly positioned Scotland and the SNP as the ‘kingmakers’ at the upcoming UK General Election on May 7.

referendumScottish politicsNicola SturgeonUK elections
nelson uga

Staying Relevant in the "Age of Convergence"

Nelson Fernandez - Apr 06, 2015

Had I left the world of public relations not long after starting out professionally in the early 1990s, then reemerged in it in 2015, odds are good I would not recognize what I had stepped into.

communicationconvergencepublic relations

The Future of PR and Communications in a Big Data World

Sarab Kochhar - Apr 01, 2015

With each discussion around “big data,” the term gets redefined and its importance in business processes and outcome reaffirmed. But this blog post is neither to define what big data is nor to recognize the importance of big data in the business world.

measurementanalyticsbig data
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