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The Future of PR and Communications in a Big Data World

Sarab Kochhar - Apr 01, 2015

With each discussion around “big data,” the term gets redefined and its importance in business processes and outcome reaffirmed. But this blog post is neither to define what big data is nor to recognize the importance of big data in the business world.

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Commodity Firms

India Provides Opportunity for Growth in the Insurance Sector

President Obama’s recent visit to India as the chief guest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Indian Republic Day celebrations was a visible reminder of the strong ties between the world’s oldest constitutional democracy and the world’s largest democracy.

foreign investmentNarendra ModiBarack ObamainsuranceIndia

Big Empathy

John Stauffer - Mar 26, 2015

Big data is everywhere. But we humans are not good at “big” anything when it comes to numbers. Research shows we identify with the feelings of smaller groups of people versus large masses.

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social media

Generation Z Says “No Thanks” to Targeted Advertising

Sarika Kare - Mar 25, 2015

As the next generation – Generation Z – matures, we’re approaching the dawn of a new era in social networking: anonymous social media. Incognito social networks such as Snapchat, Whisper, and Secret have spread like wildfire among Gen Z-ers.

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Harvard University campus

Using Strategic Communications to Boost University Rankings

Pete Wentz - Mar 25, 2015

U.S. News and World Report recently released its much anticipated and often dreaded issue ranking graduate schools of the nation’s leading universities. While deans and faculty often disdain these rankings, they happily notify alumni and others when their school rises from the previous year and are forced to come up with a reason why they declined in another year. In a few cases, persistent declines have even led to resignations by deans.

strategic communicationReputationcollege rankings

The Power of Now

Steve Salvador - Mar 23, 2015

Anything can happen with live video. Since the early days of broadcasting, when technology first made it possible to transmit a live feed over the air, the immediacy and spontaneity of watching something unfold live has always had mass appeal.

Chinese Flag

China’s 2015 National People's Congress

James McGregor - Mar 23, 2015

APCO invites you to take a look at our analysis of China's recently concluded liang hui, the annual meetings of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Consultative Congress.

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