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APCO Forum Presents: The Honorable Gary F. Locke

Lisa Osborne Ross - Oct 07, 2015

There is no more important country and topic to discuss than China here in Washington on the heels of President Xi Jinping’s State Visit, and the conversation that ensued proved insightful and interesting. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation with Gary Locke:

UK conservative conference

A Party with its Own Fate in its Hands

Leon Cook - Oct 07, 2015

As we arrived in Manchester this week for the Conservative party conference topics of discussion in the exhibition hall, Midland hotel and amongst the fringes ranged from Brexit, to security, innovation, housing, David Cameron’s likely successor as party leader and the narrative of cuts.

david cameron

Cameron: The Great Social Reformer?

Will Browne - Oct 07, 2015

A visibly emotional and impassioned David Cameron delivered a energetic speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester today positioning himself and his party as leading a decade long social reform programme. Quoting detailed statistics to support his claims, Cameron called the current status quo where inequality, discrimination and fundamentalism were still common in the UK as a scandal that only the Conservatives could solve.

David CameronUK Party Conference
EU Flags

Setback to Europe’s Digital Single Market Ambitions as Top European Court Invalidates Safe Harbor Data Transfer System

James Lovegrove - Oct 06, 2015

On 6 October 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued a far-reaching ruling that has significant implications for 4000+ EU-US Safe Harbored companies. This system (from 2000) governs the data transfers between the EU and the United States. Today’s judgement invalidates this decision – forcing companies to seek alternative mechanisms as well as facing audits, investigations and possible litigation across the 28 Member States.

EU-US Safe Harbor

A Sense of Foreboding in the Air in Manchester?

Will Browne - Oct 06, 2015

As highlighted by all the literature being handed out at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week, this is the first gathering of the party faithful when there has been a majority Tory Government in 19 years. One would perhaps expect, therefore, a touch of triumphalism from party members and ministers in the fringe events and bars of Manchester Central.

ConservativesUK party conferences
Politician Interview

A Little Unsolicited Advice for Kevin McCarthy

William Pierce - Oct 02, 2015

No sooner had Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) been anointed as the speaker in waiting, than he ran head long into reality over his comments about the role and purpose of the Benghazi special committee.

governmentU.S. PoliticsSpeaker of the House

The Secrets of Highly Effective Trade Associations

Anna Blyth Bill Dalbec - Oct 01, 2015

On September 22, APCO’s Chicago office hosted senior executives from Chicago-based trade associations and professional societies for an APCO Forum event: The Secrets of Highly Effective Trade Associations.

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