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A Square Look at Gerrymandering

Bob Bissen - Mar 03, 2015

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. In simple terms, the case is about who has the authority to control political redistricting in the states – the state legislature or an independent commission.

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Social Media Dialogue That Matters: Thought Leadership ROI

David Oarr - Mar 03, 2015

There are more ways to define thought leadership than there are good examples of it. If you want to see a few, this article in Forbes is littered with them. To sum up the obvious…everyone has a different definition. Regardless of your definition, most agree that thought leadership is important.

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Measuring Employee Engagement: Beyond Surveys and Direct Measures to Business Outcomes

Sarab Kochhar - Mar 02, 2015

Is measuring employee engagement an art or a science? Organizations use different tools, from mood monitors to employee opinions, engagement surveys to focus groups to measure this increasingly important metric in an era of easy job mobility.

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A Balanced Road to Reform for India - APCO Analysis of India's 2015 Budget

India's federal budget for 2015 prescribes a middle path of reforms which strikes a balance between center-state relations, business-friendly policies and strengthening the social security environment for India’s citizens

italian parliament

The Italian Government One Year Later: The Best (For Business) Has Yet To Come

Matteo Martone - Feb 26, 2015

This week, the Italian government celebrated its first anniversary since Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was sworn in. On 22 February 2014 the government started its mandate with strong support among Italian voters. This was confirmed a few months later in May 2014 by the undisputed victory of Renzi’s Democratic Party (PD), which won almost the 41 percent of the vote, an unprecedented result for Italy’s centre-left.

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King v. Burwell: A Novel Argument to Get Us Out of This Mess

William Pierce - Feb 25, 2015

Regardless of your position on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a decision in favor of King, in King v. Burwell, scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court March 4, will lead to the loss of insurance for millions of Americans. Both Republicans and Democrats acknowledge this fact.

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The White House

Keystone: Checks and Balances in Action

Bob Bissen - Feb 25, 2015

President Obama took an action yesterday which should remind us all of a lesson we learned in history class. You can agree or disagree with the positions of the President or the GOP-controlled Congress on Keystone. You can also agree or disagree with whether or not the decision on moving forward with the proposed pipeline should be made by the Executive or Legislative Branch. But you cannot disagree with the fact that the President’s veto of S. 1, the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act, on Tuesday is a clear demonstration of the checks and balances established by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution.

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