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Circular Economy – Open Circuit

In July 2014, José Manuel Barroso's EU Commission proposed the Circular Economy package, a legislative package regulating levels of waste, recycling and incineration. The purpose was to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency, create jobs and stimulate economic growth.

EUenergyJuncker CommissionEuropean CommissionBrusselsenergy policy
Doctor and Patient

Weaponising the NHS? More Heat than Light in UK Healthcare?

Will Browne - Jan 30, 2015

A recent poll put the NHS at the top of voters concerns in the UK, comfortably ahead of immigration and the economy. Meanwhile, the media has been awash with tales of Accident and Emergency Departments failing to meet targets that stipulate they must see patients within four hours. Moreover, the Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband has apparently promised to ‘weaponise’ the NHS as a key theme of his General Election campaign. It is therefore safe to say that healthcare is currently at the top of the political agenda.

UKIPConservativesLabourLib DemsHealth CareHealth PolicyUK politicsUK General Election 2015NHS
Women in Business

Failure Through Inequality: Global Risks Through Income, Racial, Gender, Health and Education Inequality

Lindsay McBride - Jan 29, 2015

In the past several years, “inequality” has become a watch word. The 99 percent movement, executive pay and bank bailouts all made headlines following the financial crisis. There is growing recognition that vast income inequality is not good for the economy as a whole. But in thinking about inequality, in this country and around the world, there is more in play than just income inequality.

The EconomistUPSMicrosofttechnologydiversityinequality
The ABCs of Strategic Video

The ABCs of Strategic Video

Steve Salvador - Jan 27, 2015

I was recently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming producing a video for a client -- the first in an episodic series, thoughtfully crafted to be an authentic expression of the client’s brand and to evoke a mood that is uniquely achieved through video.

London Parliament

UK Election: 100 Days to Go

Elections are interesting things. A couple of months ago the United States shook itself up and a couple of days ago Greece reminded us that di̱mokratía is a Greek word. Soon it will be the turn of the UK.

electionsGreeceScotlandLabourUKIPUK General Election 2015UK politics

What Does Your Avatar Say About You?

Lee Milverton - Jan 26, 2015

Whether it’s you, a trend-setting brand or a non-profit organization, our avatars, the images that represent us everywhere from social media to gaming worlds, are an opportunity to express ourselves and reveal some of our personality. But how do others interpret them?

digitalcorporate brand communicationbrandingsocial mediaavatars
Sustainable Activity

What’s Next: Five Sustainability “Watch Outs” for 2015

James Robinson - Jan 26, 2015

With such complexity at play, several colleagues in APCO’s Sustainable Growth practice group have identified “5 Watch Outs” we believe will gain even greater attention in 2015 and likely mature into full-blown priorities for business and policy leaders over the coming years.

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