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Computers and Tech

Global Tech Titans Are Walking A Tightrope in China

James McGregor - Nov 19, 2015

Global technology executives are walking a tightrope in China as they balance increasingly aggressive government demands for Chinese partnerships and technology transfers against protecting their own business interests and US security concerns.

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The 13th Five-Year Plan: Xi Jinping Reiterates his Vision for China

James McGregor - Nov 13, 2015

APCO's team in China prepared a special report on China's 13th five-year plan, with analysis of Xi Jinping's priorities for the plan, how the government plans to keep growth on track, and how to revitalize the nation. The report also discusses contradictions of the plan and how it impacts business. A downloadable version is available after the jump.

Five-Year PlanPlenumChina

APCO Forum Presents: U.S.-Turkey Discussion with General James L. Jones

Joshua Walker - Nov 13, 2015

On Thursday, November 12, APCO Worldwide hosted General James L. Jones, former National Security Advisor, current chairman of the American-Turkish Council and president of Jones Group International, for an APCO Forum Presents executive breakfast discussion on the U.S.-Turkey discussion.

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David Cameron

A Milestone Not a Turning Point

Theo Moore - Nov 10, 2015

One of the arts of diplomacy is to ensure there are no surprises in negotiations. Sherpas, signals, non-papers, and so forth are all tools of the trade. Having watched David Cameron’s speech at Chatham House people might feel that there has been nothing new. This was almost certainly the point but it will not limit subsequent interpretation, analysis, meta-analysis and reading of runes. As part of that process, this note briefly addresses what was said, why it was said and how it was said.

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Xi and Obama: A Working Relationship

To a certain extent, both President Obama and President Xi achieved their goals for Xi’s first official state visit to the United States in late September. Reaching agreements on cyberespionage and climate change helped alleviate domestic pressure on Obama to stand up to China.

China-US relationshipBarack ObamaXi JinpingUS-China
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Transatlantic Tech: Safe Harbor 2.0: Can the EU and US Weather the Storm?

In this edition of “APCO’s Transatlantic Tech” we look at the on-going ramifications from the European Court of Justice ruling on the Safe Harbor and the next steps on both sides of the Atlantic as the European Commission, DPAs, European Parliament, and US authorities seek a quick solution to ensure the viability of legally-compliant EU-US data flows.

Data ProtectionSafe HarborTransatlantic Tech

What do the Turkish Election Results Mean for its Friends?

Joshua Walker - Nov 04, 2015

Every Turkish election seems to bring widespread surprise when the results are tallied. This time around, every pollster was off by 5-10 percent. With close to 90 percent voter turnout in the country, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKParty) won a resounding victory and mandate to rule Turkey for the next four years.

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