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The Strategic Crossroads of a Rising China

APCO Forum - Feb 04, 2016

Over the last eight months of 2015, President Xi Jinping of China visited a total of 14 countries. He travelled to major international players such as the United States and United Kingdom, as well as to regional level partners such as Zimbabwe and the Philippines. Xi’s trips illustrate China’s intention to play a more proactive role on the world stage, and appear to reflect long held calls from Western powers for the country to become a more “responsible stakeholder” in global affairs.

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Transatlantic Tech: Privacy Shield Edition

In this edition of Transatlantic Tech we look at the freshly minted political agreement on a new framework to permit transatlantic transfers of personal data, the so called “EU-US Privacy Shield” and the next steps on both sides of the Atlantic to ensure a legal solution that can withstand inevitable legal challenges.

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Internal is the New External

Kimberly Gardiner - Feb 03, 2016

At the Digital Transformation and Communication in the Changing Workplace Seminar, companies including Accenture, Boeing, and Pfizer shared insights into how digital is transforming their businesses, helping them communicate with employees, build brand reputation, drive engagement and retain talent. Below are some takeaways:

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Davos 2016

Six Takeaways from Davos 2016

Anna Tunkel - Feb 01, 2016

World Economic Forum’s 46th Annual Meeting in Davos was particularly stimulating and thought provoking this year. Over 2,500 participants representing Fortune 100 corporations, heads of state, media, heads of NGOs and international organizations and many more, convened in over 250 official sessions and countless side events to discuss the mastering of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its implications on the state of the world.

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How to Prepare Your Brand for Inescapable Global Transformations

Margery Kraus - Jan 28, 2016

In 2015, the world paid closer attention to significant social changes that transformed the global business landscape. The refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, social justice issues and the recent Paris Climate Conference (COP21) necessitate a renewed dialogue on how organizations can better equip themselves in an era of global uncertainty.

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Creating and Managing a Digital Workforce

Marc Johnson - Jan 28, 2016

As we move forward in the digital age new questions arise for us to solve. For starters how do we create and manage a digital workforce? This is the focus of a talk I’ll be giving today at The Conference Board’s Digital Transformation and Communication in the Changing Workplace seminar.

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Managing Talent in the Digital Age: Balancing the complexities of today’s workforce

Kathryn Medina - Jan 27, 2016

For the past thirty years most of the developed world has been evolving into a sophisticated, interconnected, real-time, information-rich digital network. From personal connections and social groups to professional profiles and company websites – we increasingly use digital technology to identify who and what we are to the outside world. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the millennial generation.

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