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US Capitol

Time’s Up for Iran Sanctions

Jonathan Gregory - May 27, 2015

The June 30th deadline for the P5+1 Iran nuclear negotiations occurs in a little more than a month from now -- in the wake of the framework agreement reached over seven weeks ago.

EU Flags

The Better Regulation Package: What is it? What does it mean? Why does it matter?

Claire Boussagol - May 20, 2015

On 19 May 2015, the European Commission released its Better Regulation Package, a series of measures to reduce the administrative burden of European legislation, while improving the quality of evidence-based policy-making.

policy makingBetter Regulation Package
Doctor Reviewing Files

“Steady As She Goes” On Healthcare?

Will Browne - May 14, 2015

After the rather unexpected UK General Election result last week, which saw the Conservative Party win an overall majority for the first time since 1992, David Cameron’s reshuffle to create a purely Conservative government has clearly signalled policy priorities and expected direction of travel for the coming five years.

UK General Election 2015NHS EnglandNHS
The White House

Learning to Walk Together: White House and The Hill Take Bi-Partisan Step on Energy Policy

Bob Bissen - May 11, 2015

Search U.S. energy policy today and your results are likely to be similar to those you would have found going through newspaper clips ten or even 20 years ago.

energy efficiencyenergy policyEarth Day

Revive The Icon!

Icons – those simple, colorful, little visual symbols– are everywhere. You see them in advertising, brand identities, apps, websites, presentations, road signs, airports and on packaging.

graphic designicons
London Parliament

Less is More?

William Wallace - May 07, 2015

One interesting possible outcome from this year’s UK General Election (which looks like resulting in a hung parliament), is how it could result in fewer, much shorter, more clearly defined and better debated legislation than that of a large majority government or even a formal coalition.

UK politicsUK General Election 2015

View from the Middle East – the UK Election as a Microcosm of the Withering of the Big Ideas

William Wallace - May 07, 2015

Only three percent of the UK expatriate population in the UAE has bothered to register to vote and even fewer will probably do so. At first reading, this is an incredibly depressing statistic despite the fact that poor information, awareness and the vagaries of the slightly archaic postal system here could have boosted numbers.

UK politicsMiddle EastUK General Election 2015
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