Karen Buerkle

Managing Director, APCO Insight

Karen Buerkle, managing director of APCO Insight in Washington, D.C., provides opinion research and analytical services for corporations, governments and nongovernmental organizations.

As a specialist in reputation research and management, she has helped many leading companies better understand and define their corporate reputations.

Dr. Buerkle brings to APCO a wealth of research experience in support of communications and strategy campaigns. She has spearheaded research on a wide range of topics among a diverse set of populations. Within the United States, she has surveyed doctors about their treatment of adolescents with mental health problems to help a major foundation launch an awareness campaign among physicians. She has also studied generational differences between baby boomers and younger and older generations to help one of the largest membership-based organizations identify strategic priorities to retain and expand its membership base. Internationally, Dr. Buerkle has worked in countries as diverse as Armenia, Nigeria and Yemen. She has surveyed court users in Kosovo to give strategic advice on ways to increase public confidence in the nascent legal system and conducted in-depth interviews among Nigerian policy elites to formulate recommendations on how to form alliances and common ground among elites in order to battle official corruption.

Dr. Buerkle is well versed in multiple research methods including surveys (phone, mail, Internet and face-to-face), focus groups and in-depth interviews and serves as a methodological advisor across APCO Insight's practice areas.

Dr. Buerkle holds a Ph.D. in Political Sociology from the University of California, San Diego and was a Fulbright Scholar to the Slovak Republic.